Sunday, September 6, 2009

Internet is killing..

We all knows that things are designed and developed for helping humanity but why and how those invention start hurting us .. ?

Lets have look.

Visiting over web I got a research: - The Telegraph has compiled a list of 50 things that are in the process of being killed off by the web and other tools of modern communication, from products and business models to life experiences and habits.

These things are:

1. The art of polite disagreement

2. Fear that you are the only person unmoved by a celebrity's death

3. Listening to an album all the way through

4. Sarah Palin

5. Punctuality

6. Ceefax/Teletext

7. Adolescent nerves at first porn purchase

8. Telephone directories

9. The myth of cat intelligence

10. Watches

11. Music stores

12. Letter writing/pen pals

13. Memory

14. Dead time

15. Photo albums and slide shows

16. Hoaxes and conspiracy theories

17. Watching television together

18. Authoritative reference works

19. The Innovations catalogue

20. Order forms in the back pages of books

21. Delayed knowledge of sporting results

22. Enforceable copyright

23. Reading telegrams at weddings

24. Dogging

25. Aren't they dead? Aren't they gay?

26. Holiday news ignorance

27. Knowing telephone numbers off by heart

28. Respect for doctors and other professionals

29. The mystery of foreign languages

30. Geographical knowledge

31. Privacy

32. Chuck Norris's reputation

33. Pencil cricket

34. Mainstream media

35. Concentration

36. Mr Alifi

37. Personal reinvention

38. Viktor Yanukovych

39. The insurance ring-round

40. Undiscovered artists

41. The usefulness of reference pages at the front of diaries

42. The nervous thrill of the reunion

43. Solitaire

44. Trust in Nigerian businessmen and princes

45. Prostitute calling cards/ kerb crawling

46. Staggered product/film releases

47. Footnotes

48. Grand National trips to the bookmaker

49. Fanzines

50. Your lunchbreak (ANI)

Let's think over it ..........

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Let’s start with new busyness

You have an idea to invest, you know where to go, you analyzed many times what make you rich. But still there is a problem that is you have no idea what is cheapest way to reach at your potential client?


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Internet marketing - some words!!

Internet marketing is not just getting lucky. But, the successful Internet marketing is about making a plan based on the goals that have already proven successful and working that plan until they prove successful for you as well. Internet marketing should help you to get in web world and be successful as well.

Internet Marketing: - Well Designed Site
A Site designed with the cool font and the colours as well as the layout is a mile stone for success. Once you get people to your website you want them to stay there and in order for this to happen your site needs to look professional and attractive, be user friendly, informative, and have all the information easily accessible to visitors. This expense really is worthwhile because a professional site reflects professional products and services whereas a amateur looking site reflects an amateur business that is not to be taken seriously.

Internet Marketing: - Links (back links)
Links are very important to your Internet marketing campaign simply because they will help you in the rankings. Because of this you want to strive to have as many one way links or even backwards links to your site as possible. The more you have the higher your site will be ranked with Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other big search engines and the more visitors you will have.

Internet Marketing: - Keywords
Many search engines focus on keywords and Keywords density to help rank your site. For example, when an individual searches for a particular brand of PC and you sell those, you want to be ranked close to the top to help you get a new customer. If you want that customer you need to include the keywords he is searching for on your website to help your site be returned as a result. Because of this you need a variety of content on your site that is written around a variety of keywords that people use to find your products or services.

Internet Marketing: - Things Not to Do
Your Internet marketing can be perfect and bring in lots of traffic, however if your site uses frames, flash, JavaScript, and things of that nature that make it difficult to load your site then you will lose your visitors no matter how low your prices or great your products or services. So, when you are designing your site is sure you are aware of the different design methods that could make your site look really good, but take too long to open and turn visitors away.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

SEO - When you are a Biginer!!!!

Being in the market is must for every one and to do well is only a target. Online marketing is consistent field for carrier building. It is some thing like "the show must go on" so it is better now to know about its initial steps.

Whether you want to be an active part of it or you are looking for some agency to sale your product. Online marketing has a broad range of products which can be further divided into may categories and I will put theme here one by one. Soon you guys will see about SEO.