Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When your content will perform?

In Pay Per Click targeted to India Content is King. Due to less interest in relevant search but people visit too many other sites for their entertainment.

Now the Main Question is How will you find the right target for your business: Quite a few question comes in mind, like:

  1. What is relation between wallpaper sites to your business?
  2. What will be best time to show your ads to get maximum clicks and minimize wastage of impressions?
  3. How the ad creative will attract your user? ... etc.
I am still find the right answers of some of these questions. Some off them are solved now.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ada Chikan has launched New Brand Website for Online Shopping

Though you are still tired of shopping around boutiques, fashion and department stores in busy streets crowded with people, a brand new website has been created for the Chikan Clothes shopping online by Ada Designer Chikan Studio Lucknow. (www.AdaChikan.net)

Chikankari has been practiced in Lucknow for almost more than two hundred years. But it did not originate in Lucknow. It flourished in the Mughal Court at Delhi in the 14th and 17th centuries. When the Mughal Court disintegrated the artisans scattered across the country. Same of them came and settled in Awadh. They brought this craft with them and gave it roots.
The origins of chikan are shrouded in mystery and legend. Some historians opine, the chikan is a Persian craft, brought to the Mughal Court of the Emperor Jahangir by his beautiful and talented consort Mehrunissa. The queen was a talented embroiderer and she so pleased the king with this ethereal, white floral embroider that it was soon given recognition and royal patronage. Workshops were established wherein this embroider was practiced and perfected.

The website www.adachikan.net is aiming at providing a calm environment for those people who like to get Chikan Fashion information and buy trendy chikan clothes anytime through internet. In a modern city nowadays, people have to work hard and get no free time to check the price and choose their clothes for a long time in the streets. Through the gradually increasing popularity of the internet shopping, there is an up rising trend to shop clothes at home or anywhere anytime through internet.

As a result, the launch of www.adachikan.net 5th Jan 2010 would definitely create one more effective, time-saving and comfortable shopping address in the internet world.

We enjoy stepping forward together with the valuable you in shopping for clothes inside a computerized department store through our new website!

Ada Designer Chikan Studio
73, Hazaratganj, Lucknow- 226001
Ph. 0522-4077758
Contact : Mr. Haider Khan(Chief Operating Officer)