Friday, August 5, 2011

5+1 Social media tips.

Social media Optimization (SMO) is being hugely used to promote products and services. Many businesses are using such Social media sites to keep better customer relationship and cross-sell the products to the existing customers in addition to find more for them. Social Media is the only medium which sells products with entertainment and networking with friends.

Here are six simple tips to understand to be successful in social media.

1. Change the attitude: You have to approach social media with a different attitude. A thoughts which is different from the all you were thinking about other online marketing activities. In social media you have to share knowledge, issues and solve other members’ problems. You are not here to thrust your products or services. AIDA principle have to be followed – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

2. Right product to right audience: Take out some time and think widely as consumer and identify the areas or groups the prospect engages in and talks about the products or services which you want to sell. Thus, you will know where your target audience is active in the social media and you can start from there. Save a lot of time and effort in doing this moreover, you can easily connect with them.

3. Set-up your own Goal: Make your own goal for social media marketing as well as you have for organic search and other paid campaigns. Without having a metrics you will not be sure if you are heading in the right direction or not. Your metrics should be like – no. of comments for a post, no. of views for videos, no. of likes for your post or video has got from readers, how many have bookmarked your articles and so on. Depending on the numbers you get for these success elements, check your progress in social media marketing.

4. Let people know about you: Building relationships and sharing knowledge must be basic goal of a social media campaign. When people know about you the will automatically engage with you depending upon their field of interest. Remember relations are only built on trust. Provide your information accurate, give contact information and the relationship you have with business. Customer will feel comfortable in communicating with you and, if there is an unsatisfied customer, then that person can vent anger much more easily on you. This gives you a signal to solve the issue immediately before it spreads.

5. Take care Of: You should note that there is a very thin line between you and your prospects in the social media. Need not to just spam any community. Merchant or seller need to build relationships and share knowledge. Always take care of not being ignored and you will never be considered as spam. Go slow and have patient get them involved in conversations and build relationship.

6. Content’s Quality: Before I end the most important thing, success in social media is based on the creativity of your content and quality. Content is always King, here as well.

Social media is a strong, economical and successful marketing plate form it have constructive and destructive both the powers. And requires more focused effort. Patience and commitment is very important.

Good Luck to be successful

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